Shot Stats Challenger, Finally Tennis Rackets Became Smart

The Internet of Things is a reality and this item is truly great. As they say: "Challenger fits on any racket and instantly gives you feedback about your swing." 
Now we can check our stats in the move, while playing and compare it, set goals and share it! It is for sure the gadget that all tennis player was waiting to own!

Internet de las cosas es una realidad y este producto es grandioso. Como ellos dicen: "Challenger se adapta a cualquier raqueta y te brinda instantáneamente retroalimentación sobre tu juego."
Ahora podemos revisar nuestras estadísticas mientras jugamos, establecer objetivos y compartirlos. Es, de lejos, el gadget que todo tenista estaba esperando.

Watch the Kickstarter Campaign:


You can back them HERE!

More of Kickstater HERE!

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