Tesla Motors' Roadster Electric Car Model Its Simply Outstanding

The Tesla Motors' Roadster electric model car is simply outstanding! Just to have an idea, it goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds; gives 245 miles per charge; and has 0 (cero) pipeline emissions. This is the kind of cars we want for the future, but just for you to know, it's available to pre-order now!

El modelo eléctrico del coche Roadster de Tesla Motors es simplemente espectacular! Sólo para hacer una idea acelera de 0 a 100 km en 3.7 segundos, brinda 245 millas tras una carga y tiene 0 emisiones. Este el coche del futuro que queremos, pero un dato más: ya está disponible para pedirlo!

Watch the whole image collection! 


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