Strati, First 3D Printed Ride Disrupts The Industry

Just appeared in this 2015 Detroit Auto Show and it was inmediatly an eye-catching vehicle. Not only for its futuristic/modern design, but for the amazing fact that it was completly 3D printed. The Strati is a pioneer and its making history. Don't be surprised to see it soon on the highways. 

Recién apareció en este Auto Show de Detroit 2015 y de inmediato captó todas las miradas. No solo por su diseño futurista y moderno, sino por el increible hecho de que está completamente impreso en 3D printer. El Strati es un pionero y está haciendo historia. Que no le sorprenda verlo pronto en las carreteras.


Engine - 100% electric
Features - electronic engine immobilizer, regenerative disc brakes
Drivetrain - front and rear, rear- wheel drive
Transmission - Automatic, single speed
Battery - 6.1 kwh battery, 62-mile range, 3.5-hour charge time
Motor - 5 bhp or 17 bhp, 42 lb-ft torque*
Battery - 6.1 kwh battery, 62-mile range, 3.5-hour charge time
Body - Approx. 212 layers, direct digital manufactured vehicle (DDMV), carbon fiber reinforced ABS plastic
Top Speed - approx. 50mph*
Wheels - custom made by Fifteen52



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